Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some things you should know

This past weekend we took a group of students to Springfield, MO for a conference. Overall the conference was great. there were a few highlights which are things that I think you should know.
1. Shaine Claiborne. (Yes, this is a pic of him making his own clothes)

If this name is unfamiliar to you then you must swiftly click here to learn about who this man is. one of His books, The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical, has been used as a tool of the Holy Spirit to encourage people to DO SOMETHING!

Check this out to see a list of other things you should maybe consider reading.

2. Family Force 5.
Again. If this name is unfamiliar to you and you love to dance and have a good time. DO NOT HESITATE TO CLICK HERE! I was the proud leader of a group who was not afraid to get their dance on! We had so much fun and we sweat like crazy people..."who is this unlikely group of 14-30+ year olds?" I asked myslef...
it is these people. Do they look like a crazy bunch of students, maybe not...but they are dancin fools, and I am proud to call them my kids.

3. Scott Erickson.
Do you know him? You should...Andrew and I met Scott and Holly two years ago at National Youth Workers Convention. We just chatted at their table for a few minutes...Scott had done some art for the book "The Gospel according to LOST" by Chris Seay. This intrigued us, since we love LOST. This year he collaborated with one of our favorite artists, Derek Webb on a project called Feedback. You are going to need to check this out. It is an instrumental electronic album based on the Lord's prayer. It is delicious. We had just gotten the album this year when we went back to NYWC and wanted to tell Scott what we thought of it...we went up and said "hey" and out of it grew 3 new friends...well we havent met the newest addition, little Anders, their 5 week old baby, but he was in Holly's belly, so it totally counts.
Anyway...Scott was there painting in worship. It is always a blessing watching the creative process...and Scott and my husband may be long lost brothers...they are really similar and so his company is fun for Andrew and me. Keep your eyes out for Scott...you will know him soon enough , and if you want to know him now...CLICK HERE!
Hopefully this has either been a confirmation of your awesomeness for knowing these people or has opened your eyes and heart for some new visual, mental, spiritual and audio inspiration.
Thanks for stopping by!

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