Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here we are.

Well, We moved to Dallas, TX!
We moved on Tuesday April 12th. We have been here two weeks exactly. On that particular Tuesday we arrived at Starbucks at 6:00am to be greeted by students who woke up at the crack of dawn to come and say good-bye. It was a beautiful morning.
Katie Loew and I hopped into my car and Andrew and his mom Anne hopped into the UHaul!
We pulled into our new home right around 3:30 or 4 and we were met by a few students and a few of the youth staff from Highland Park UMC.
While we were unloading the UHaul, Andrew received 2 phone calls. The first one was Perkin's Seminary. They were calling with the official "You have been accepted" news. This was a relief...even though we weren't worried.
the second call was our realtor. The news that came was "you have officially closed! You sold your house!"
Done and Done. All together a pretty darn good day.

If I have ever underestimated the Goodness of God, this move/transition period did more than put Him and His goodness into perspective for me. How faithful our God is!! Amen!

So, we aren't completely settled just yet, but we are def. getting there. Here is our new little home. We love it and we live in a spectacular area. So, if you wanna pack your bags, there is all kinds of sleeping room in the living room! We have a couch and 2 blow up mattresses! Come on down!!!

This is the office/entertainment center! This is where I do most of my work!
leaning shelves from Crate and Barrel
this awesome Monkey

Boxes from Target and Ikea

Basically if you just turn around from the first picture this is what you see. This is our living room. It is a pretty decent size! All it is missing is some curtains and YOU!

Couch from Ikea. Kivik.
Paintings from Josh Welker

This is our dining room...there are still some boxes in this space, but this is our table and bookshelf!
Orange files from Ikea. Vase from Hobby Lobby. Flowers from I.O.Metro. Rug from Pier 1.

This is our cute little kitchen. I am not gonna lie, it has been a little tough going from our awesome previous kitchen to this one, but only because it isn't open to the rest of the house! Other than that, not having a dishwasher gives me time to be prayerful and since I hated un-loading the dishwasher, putting dishes away now is as quick as turning around! I honestly don't mind it...and for those of you who will try to rationalize that I have only cooked for 2 "so just wait", I have already had 2 dinner parties where I cooked some big ole meals!
Still don't mind it!
Side table from Ikea

This is our bedroom! The door to the left is actually our back door. Kinda funny going in and out through the bedroom...you cant see the bed, but it is a huge bed frame that had 2 giant drawers on each side. Great for a small space with little storage!
Bed and Mirrored Wardrobe from Ikea. Drop leaf table is a vintage hand me down. Vases from ZGallerie, Art is from Venice.

That is all for now! I will be back soon to give you some of my thoughts on Texas and life!

Love to you and yours!


Ben said...

I feel like this entry was posted entirely for me.

For that, I thank you. And have already spotted my place to sleep.

I'm Jenn said...

Glad you guys are all settled in! Congrats on school and your house! Looking forward to seeing you in October!

lee ellen said...

Sheesh! How long have you been there? Two minutes? The place looks amazing!! I think I JUST got my bedroom right and I've been here two months! :) Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Texas life!!

Bailey Bollinger said...

I feel like the rug that is under your table that use to be in your living room looks better when Katja's feet are under it. but besides that the rest of the house looks great! cannot wait to come sleep in your living room! that is all.

Josh and Michelle said...

Looking good guys!