Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My sassy thoughts on Texas

I have been here for exactly one day past two weeks and there are a few things I have noticed that I would like to comment on.

1. First of all, I think Texas has gotten a bad reputation due to the people who live here who "LOVE TEXAS MORE THAN LIFE".

Seriously, I was hanging out with Hayley White (a freshman at TCU) this weekend and she told me that one of her friends has hung the TX flag in his dorm room...Look, I am not exactly certain what the MO flag looks like, and I like MO and all, but NEVER would I fly a MO flag in my place of residence...plus that just wouldn't go with my decor.
Would I ever get a MO mascot tattooed on my body? ...um...if I really have to answer that, I have not done a good job "being me" on this blog. There are too many (as little Fred would have said-when he says too many, he means more than 1) people with some sort of TX Pride Tattoos. True.
All that to say. It is a pretty sweet place. I mean, here it is the end of April, everything is just as green as can be, flowers are bloomed everywhere, mid to upper 70's and 80's every day and lots of things to do and a ton of outdoor sitting.

2. This one isn't about TX as a whole...just my mentality on the city we live in. The city we live in is what I like to refer to as "wealthy". We were walking the other day and we walked past a house in our neighborhood for sale, the listing price? Just a measly 1.9 mil. No bigs. This has put things in perspective for me. I tweeted a few days ago about living above your means, and how that will create a false sense on need. That was prompted by this walk.
My thought was, you buy this giant house at 1.9 mil and then who has the furniture to furnish this...and once you own a house like this, you don't just fill it with Target and Ikea...and you "Need" to have furniture in every room...Need...Need...want...would like...it would be fun for me if...IT IS NOT A NEED! I NEED to be reminded that I don't NEED.

3. TEXAS HAIR. Here I go. I have decided that Texan women didn't plan on having big hair. The air is warm and humid, much like a MO summer. It is not miserable at all, it just makes your hair a little bigger than normal. I am sorry, there isn't anything I can do about it. It is just what the case is. The reality, I am learning, is that you get used to your hair having this extra "bounce", or "body" or what ever you want to call it and then when you go to a dryer climate, your hair looks weird, cause that isn't what it normally looks like! Thus...Texans make their hair bigger when they are away from home.

4. Healthier options. That is all...there are soooo many opportunities to choose to be healthy where we live now. There are sidewalks EVERYWHERE. you can literally walk for MILES with out having to step on the street. There are grocery stores that cater to every personality, Whole Foods and Central Market to name a few.

5. It is not weird to be 30 and single or 30 and married and have no kids. this is a nice change...Not one person has asked us "when are you having kids?" LOVE THIS.

okay, there is a list of 5 for you...expounded upon in maybe too great of detail.
Love Y'all! haha


Bridget said...

People don't ask you about not having kids?? I'm coming! :)

In Springfield that is the third (and fourth) question anyone asks you... What's your name? Are you married? Do you have kids? WHY NOT?

I'm glad you like your new place. I hope we get to visit soon!

Sarah Fravel said...

Welcome to Texas!! You have already discovered a couple important things. Let me shed some light on the "Love Texas more than life" bit. In 7th grade every child in public school must take "Texas History" where the amazing-ness of Texas only gets more amazing. (at least it was 7th grade umpteen years ago when I lived there!) And, yes there is something truly blessed about being Native to Texas. No matter how many years of my life I lived there, most of the formative years, I was still never more than "Yankee" because I had the misfortune to be born in Illinois. The best you'll be able to do is hope to blend in. Start with practicing how to correctly say "y'all"!

The humidity is truly a living thing. Wait until about July 4th and then write about IT again. You may decide by then that it is a beast.

Enjoy all the new things that you'll learn, the people you will meet and bless, and the new growth that will happen in your life. You may discover that people who move are a blessing to the "native" types.

Blessings on you!!! Don't forget to visit the Justmoved.org website.