Thursday, April 7, 2011

This very moment

This very moment I am sitting at my desk in the Liberty United Methodist Youth Office for the last time.
To my right, Andrew is sitting in a chair, while to my left Werm and Katie sit at Andrew's "old" desk composing their first e-mail to the youth families. Allyson stepped in for a minute and then had to leave. I wish she was here, but she has school work to get done...and that is more important than me having all three of my little babies in the office. Yes, I called them my babies...yes they will all be 21-23 by the end of this month.

I am just really proud of all of them and love them!

It is a weird feeling here.

like, I am on the last chapter of a book I have devoured, loving every word that drips from the pages. A loss for the end, but such an overwhelming satisfaction that I know exactly what I need to know for my curiosities to be satisfied.

I am 100% confident that we did the work that the Lord had for us in the time here. I am also 100% confident that the Lord has carried the youth here to a place to get them ready for whats to come.

Much love you to you and yours.
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Trudy Divine said...

You both will be greatly missed! I know the three following you will be good, but no one will be able to replace your beautiful smiles and energy in our church. Thank you for the time our family had with you and I pray that the next chapter in your life is incredible!

Karen said...

So proud of you and happy for you!!