Wednesday, June 25, 2014

9. It has been 9 months!?

Foster's B-day is Friday. He will be two. While that is insane and I will def. post about him later, This post is WAYYYYY Past due.

9 months ago, the Lord kindly blessed Andrew and me with the most laid-back, smiley little guy. We named him Keating Elijah. While I have mentioned him once or twice here, I have never shared the photos from that day; or any stories really. I will just tell you this. Giving birth to Keating was 100 times easier than with Foster. However, carrying him was a brutal task (I'm talking sprained pelvic floor, crying through the night brutal)!  I was thankful that he at least gifted me with sleeping through the night at 6 weeks!

Enough words already...without any more ado about anything...a very select few first moments of Keatings life. There will be a second installment with a story tomorrow.


Seeing him for the first time!

Basically the first pic



showing off that dimple from second 1.

Meanwhile in the waiting room.

family of 4

The Entire Family...This is my team. My cheer section. The people who welcomed Keating into the world. Can you even believe how many of them there are!?

Let us not forget my dearest Kari, who so graciously captured the births of both of my children...and now graces us with delicious ice cream from her very own ice cream shop, Melt.

I love y'all, thanks for reading and sharing life with me. See you tomorrow! 

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