Monday, June 23, 2014

life happened

I am sad that there is a 3 month gap in my posts...but in the time that I have not been posting I have been doing a few other things. I am still working with His Voice Global, I have been hired at our church, Highland Park UMC, to work with college students - part time - It is an honor and a joy to do this work! I love it! I am a Jamberry Nails Consultant, cause if you haven't used them...oh my goodness, they are fantastic! (let me know if you want a sample or want to host a's easy) and I lead worship once a month at church as well...Oh yeah, and I have those two cute boys to raise and a marriage that I love and need to nurture! so...a lack in posting is understandable, right?!

We have been on a few different "journeys" in these last 3 months, so I thought that instead of going into detail now,  I will fill you in with separate posts. Tonight, I just wanted to reintroduce myself with you.
I will leave you with these pics, because who doesn't love pics?
Still madly in love.
 Y'all, these pics of the boys, I just can't. I mean. no words. They make me melt. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I'm excited to share our adventures with you! 

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievably touching.