Thursday, June 26, 2014

His Second Year

As I was thinking about all the things I wanted to say, I went back and read what I wrote last year for Foster's big birthday post. It was almost comical how identical the things I wanted to say today were. I will close with that.

What do you say when this
becomes this

and you know it isn't going to stop?

You just pray you are doing the best for him, am I right? Gosh, it is such an honor to be his parent! This kid melts me on the daily. He is so full of personality. We are doing our best to be kids with our kids and let them EXPERIENCE childhood. This is harder than I would have thought...hurry, rush, business, and schedule seem to be the antithesis of childhood magic.
So, yesterday we played in the rain for a long time. 

Some facts about two year old Foster...or mom observations, momservations, if you will:
He is perfect. Just kidding, but that really felt like the perfect thing to write after calling something a "momservation".
For real though, Fos has this thing where he just naturally does things that are cool. It's really hard to explain it, but it's in little things; The way he sits, his demeanor...just, his way. If you are around him, you totally get what I am talking about.
He sings...all the time...but no words, just "la" and never the same melody twice, except maybe "let it go".
He doesn't speak as much as other kids his age yet, but he talks all the time. And you KNOW what he is talking about. Great communicator, a little slow on the syllables...really it's those consonants.
He is a climbing fool who loves adventure but not sweets, one bite and that's enough.
Loves Dinosaurs. He Loves to ROARRR! and if it has a dinosaur and a train=mind blowing!
He still hates sleep. Doesn't need it. (so he thinks)

The most obvious difference from last year (other than the fact that he is twice the age he was last year at this time) is that he is a big bro now. He is a caring brother and I pray that his caring nature toward his brother is just the beginning of the kind of person that he is shaping up to be.
Gosh. I just love him.

Fos, you are my miracle. You are so precious. The shape of your face, those lips, and the worlds longest eyelashes...ugh, I love your face!! But your smile...the way you won't just give it away, but then you do and it is electrifying. Your clear dark rimmed mischievous eyes. Your thoughtful nature with your maniacal spirit. I refuse to tell you that forts are for playing in because you get so much joy in climbing on them!

You are loved by so many people and so deeply. And as I said earlier,  I was thinking about what to say to you when I read what I wrote last said this:

"When I hold you while you sleep, I whisper into your ear about how much I love you and how much your daddy loves you and how much our Great God Loves You. We pray that you will know that God is Good. We pray that you know that following Him is worth anything you think you may be giving up.  We pray that you know that His plans for you are so much greater than the ones we make for ourselves. I pray that you are selfless, compassionate, kind, and a humble leader. I pray that you are an encouragement to those around you (like your daddy). I pray that you Love greatly. I pray that whatever you do, you find a way to glorify the Lord through it."

This is still my hearts cry for you, Fos. These are still the prayers I pray for you. They will be forever. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. I love putting you to sleep at night, because I get to sing you songs of God's promises and faithfulness. I am praying that those are imprinted on your heart.

Your dad and I are blessed to be your parents. We know you are on loan, so we are doing our darndest not to ruin you! You are an absolute pleasure be around. Thanks for the laughs, dude. I am so excited to keep having them!

Oh. And happy second birthday buddy.

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