Thursday, June 26, 2014

That Moment.

The moment I was most anxious about was Foster meeting Keating. Basically ever.
I remember after finding out I was pregnant, I walked into the living room and looked at Foster and thought, he isn't my only baby anymore and HE WILL KNOW HE GOT JIPPED!!
The Lord and I wrestled through this a bit until I accepted the truth that he will never know anything else and he will love having a play mate for all of his life.
It still worried me that I couldn't really prepare Fos for it, so I thought he would want to "put that baby back." (That is quoted from, I believe, my nephew Fred in reference to my nephew Charlie.)

I had read that it was a good idea to not be holding the new baby when the older child is getting ready to meet him/her so that he would not feel replaced...So I thought that was pretty dang solid logic, and I went with that...and here is how it went down. My nurse was the best and decided that putting me in a wheelchair would be the least scary, so she "de-tubed" me, and covered me with blankets to make me look as normal as possible so it wouldn't scare my 14 months old, and then....


Sweet Andrew carried him in.

Fos saw me and smiled!

"Come here baby"

I explained (For the BILLIONTH time) that he was a big brother and he has a baby brother, and that he is about to meet him! 

Andrew picked up Keating

Me, still explaining. 

The presentation. (Work your hardest to make it seem like the coolest thing in the world!)

"You can touch him"

"Oh look, your brother brought you a gift"...THANK GOD, KEATING DID NOT ACTUALLY BRING THAT WITH HIM! 

Then it was his turn to hold his baby.

he found his nose right away.

almost love at first sight

Like, he really found his nose, and he was serious about it. 

That was a lot for an hour old baby, so it was time to say goodbye for a few minutes.

our first family of 4 pic.

Foster kissing Keating goodbye. 

At this point in time, my heart figuratively exploded in my chest and I almost died from the warm fuzzies. The relief was palpable and this is the look I gave Kari, right before my eyes flooded with they still do when I see that pic.


And that is the story about how is wasn't so bad after all...
See you tomorrow...WHEN FOSTER TURNS 2!!!!

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Janusz said...

Dear Sarah, I'am very very impressed after first reading your blog.
You are so beautiful as Mum and Wife.
Congratulations on your kids, Foster and Keating. They are so sweet.
Regards for You and Andrew.
Janusz from Warsaw, Poland