Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After being up till around 3:45 we took it upon ourselves to start Friday a little later.

Friday 9:45 - Wake
Friday 10:45 - Melody, Andrew and I ate Ginger Sue's...and it was DELICIOUS!
Friday 12:00 - back to the Fritson's to get cleaned up.
Friday 1:00-6:00 - hang out on the town with Scott and Anne. Got some Thai at Tasty Thai and then Ran into Kelley at Starbucks.

Friday 6:00 - Get to Lora's. She hosted our shower! I am not sure I have a pic with Lora either: FAIL
Shower thrown by Lora Wiles and Grandma Anne Beard - Beach theme! It was so precious! 

Found on the front door!
This was on the landing of the stairs. The bottles each had 3 shells inside!
Life Savers and Gummy fish served in Pale's.

This was "message in a bottle" where the guests wrote a message to us and put it in the glass jar off to the back left. We haven't started looking through them yet. Could be fun to do over the next few months.

There were 5 different cupcake flavors with different beach scenes! This one is particularly cute! 

Table decor!

Friday 7:00 - Guests arrive and we party/visit till 12:45.

From left to right. Bailey, Kari, Mackenzie, Bailey, Katja, Kelley and me.
Me and Katja
Me and Bailey
This is the Book that Bailey and Katja made for Baby Beard! It is priceless!

Andrew and I looking through the gift from Katja and Bailey.

We got to see lots of friends from College and from Liberty. It was so much fun! 

Thomas, Chrystal, Mike, Andrew, Me, Bridget, Andy, Jenn and Gareth. 
The Interns. Werm, Katie, Me, Allyson, and Drewy
We called this the "couples" pic.
Katja, Tucker, Me, Andrew, Bailey and Thomas. Thomas, thanks for being such a good sport!
Our first son. Tucker
Andrew and his little brother Thomas.
 We got some fun new gifts!

This is a gift I got from Kelley. I laughed so hard reading it. I even read quite a few chapters out loud on the car ride home. It is filled with funny the following image. 

Saturday 12:45 - load car and drive to Hamilton MO
Saturday 1:45 - fall asleep!

Read more tomorrow to see about the rest of Saturday.

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Suzzie Pettay said...

That cake was adorable. I know this is an older cake but could you tell me wheat the sea creatures were made of?