Thursday, March 29, 2012


Saturday brought more time on the road and another shower.
Saturday 7:45am - wakey wakey
Saturday 8:00am - Breakfast with the Beard Family!
Saturday 9:00am - Hit the road and head to St. Louis
Saturday 2:00pm - Show up at my parents house. It was decorated beautifully. 
This shower was ocean themed! Thrown by my Aunt Linda, Jenny Wooldrigde, and my momma.

This is the tables cape. it had fruit and veggie platters all around it once it was set up.

Each napkin had a lifesaver tied to it! 
Mom decorated these - got the idea from Pinterest 
We got to see these little guys. Fred and Charlie always make a party more special.
The sweet cake...see what I did there?
the dessert "table".
Saturday 3:00pm - get cleaned up!
This is me and Greg. We are old friends and it was really great to see him and many other blasts from my pasts!
Saturday 4:00pm - People start showing up and keep on hanging on till about 10:30pm.
This is Me and Andrew.
Aaron Seavers came out to say HEY!

Andrew and Fred 
For some reason I only took about 20 pics the whole night. I didn't get photos with my family or Jenny, but this is Jenny's Baby girl, Sydney and Fred.
Saturday 11:00pm - Sit and chat with Josh and Michelle on the living room floor.
Sunday 1:00am-ish - Bedtime.

This weekend was absolutely nuts, but so much stinking fun! Thank you to everyone who came out, sent gifts, and celebrated with us. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many people who love us and our unborn little baby! 
We are honored to know you all! 

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Bryan, Val and CarJack said...

This is sooooo cute! We'll be coming to Dallas soon, I'm hoping next month, but if not definitely 1st week in May!