Tuesday, March 27, 2012


WOW! It is hard for me to explain not only how much fun we had this weekend, but how blessed we felt, and how tired we are!

 Today focuses on Thursday. Be sure to read the next two posts to see Friday and Saturday.

Thursday 6:30am - Alarm goes off!
Thursday 10:15am - leave Dallas for KC
Thursday 7:15pm - Arrive at Tim and Melody Fritson's, they had Compas waiting (they are good friends)
Thursday 8:30 - Fritson's hosted a pre-Hunger Games party - Yes we shot a bow and arrow.
President Snow's rose. 
Peeta's bread
the knife and Hemlock
Thursday 10:00 - Pick up Matt and Jodi and drive to Barry Woods for the Midnight premier of Hunger Games. I am a horrible friend and not sure that I have a pic with the Turnboughs.
Thursday 11:00 - Meet up at the Theatre. Got to see the movie with Kelley Rowe. Ran into Kari Sommers!
Me and Kelley

Friday 12:00am - Hunger Games starts.
Friday 12:20am - Hunger Games actually starts after 150 previews...
Friday 2:30ish am - Hunger Games out and Take Matt and Jodi home.
Friday 3:45ish am - falling asleep.

Overall it was a spectacular day, even being 27 weeks pregnant and a lot of sitting. Hunger Games did not disappoint. I thought they did a great job and the cast was so well chosen.

That was Thursday - Now onto Friday!

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Matt and Jodi said...

Your not a bad friend. I was blogging tonight thinking...why didn't we get a picture with Sarah and Andrew?