Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watch it Wednesday: KONY

Yes, this is 30 minutes long. But it is good and important. If you have the time, watch. If you don't feel like you have the time, watch it anyway.

If you really, really feel like you don't have the time, then please take note of this.

Hopefully you will hear the name Joseph Kony a lot in the coming days (due to this video).

He is the rebel leader of the LRA. The Lord's Resistance Army. He is the "man in charge" of child soldiers. He has power for the sake of having power. He works with no one. His child soldiers are forced to live lives of brutality...and its time for that to end.

The problem, and reason why we can't arrest him...He is "Invisible". No one knows who he is. This is a campaign to make him famous so that he cannot hide anymore.

you really should just watch...or start it and then if you feel like you can stop all means, go ahead.

and just a may want to have some tissues available.

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