Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby in March...oops

*health update at the bottom.

Thanks so much for telling me who you are. I was so excited to check out some new blogs and the ones that my Aunt Linda recommended (tramfrau) are soooo funny, So I hope that you check them out too! And Aaron, I didn't know you read and now I am a subscriber to you, it will be so good to keep up!
So, the besites (this is a modern teenage word for best friends), Matt and Jodi, had John quite a while ago but I have not shown anyone the photos from the shower we threw. Jessica, LaTisha and I threw a shower in Springfield. We had it at brunch so we kept the menu light. We decided that since none of us ever really get to see each other, we wouldn't spend any time playing the games that are so traditional. The result was a beautiful early afternoon filled with friends, great conversation and a wonderful celebration. So here are a few of the photographs. I decided to decorate with things that are useful and naturally beautiful. So mangoes and flowers were the perfect choice.
LaTisha made this beautiful diaper cake
We ended up using these outside..

Like I said, they didn't know the sex, so Jessica came up with this hilarious idea. Funny story though, from far away you couldn't see the marker, so when Jodi's mom walked in, she stopped in her tracks and screams "is there something I need to know?!" It was really funny.
This is Jodi and Her momma Leanne. (correct me if I spelled it wrong) Opening gifts...I didn't realize it then, but this is a ton of tissue paper.
Bridget made these for little John. They are so sweet.

This is a photo of the final layout. The Book on the box is a baby name book because we didn't know what the sex of the baby was, so it was fun for conversation, and the box is was full of well wishing cards for the hospital Matt and Jodi.

After the shower we met some of the college friends for an early dinner. This is who we hung out with in college.

Karnell, LaTisha (married) Matt, Jodi (married) Andy, Jessica, John (married) Andrew, Mike (in case you didn't know Mike has been living with us since July.) Andrew, Andy, Matt and John were roomies in College.

*So as for me, I woke up yesterday with my skin so sore to the touch all over that sitting down hurts. I started running a fever at lunch time and then I slept it off. I woke up and did some LUMY stuff. I woke up through the night, every time I moved I woke up because my skin is so sore. I woke up with a fever, then I took my last dose of Roxicet (tear) and then called my Doc. When he called back he told me that he believes that I have a viral infection. So, the solution is to let the thing run its course and to be still. So after the roxicet set in I was good for a few hours, but now, as the day goes on, the fever goes up! yeah! So now I rest. The sucky thing is that Jessie Rochat (Stough) was going to visit and we were going to paint the town this weekend. But I felt like it was the best idea to call her and cancel. Which totally sucks cause this was the first time we would have gotten together and actually had a chance to talk for as long as I can remember, but I know that it is best for me to do nothing but rest. So...keep praying please cause I feel like crap.


Tramfrau said...

Your fruit tray looks delish!! I hope you're feeling well enough now to drive here, because we're looking forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

Dang it! I didn't make the picture parade! ;) My onesies did, though!

Forgot to mail that check... Doing it today!

I hope you feel better soon!


krista said...

feeling better? hope so!

LaTisha said...

It was a pretty neat looking cake huh? You took great pictures!