Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flowers and blogs

First I want to tell you that I officially love to blog. I don't know why, but I guess It leaves me thinking creatively. I not only love to blog, but I like to keep up with people, I love to read what others are up to. I love getting on line and opening up my spot and seeing that I have comments, it is so fun. So, I thought, I don't really know who is really reading this... so my plea today with this blog is to ask you to take a second and comment on my blog so that I can see who is keeping up with me, and leave your blog information so that I can come and visit you!!

Second, I want to talk about FLOWERS. this Flower post is two part. I wanted to share this with you all. I was doing some research on material the other day and I ran across this site called Spoon Flower. This has nothing to do with Flowers, but it has flower in the name!

This is a place where you can actally design your own fabric and they will print it. It is a little pricey, but if you can't find what you are looking for on the market it is pretty awesome. I linked you to thier blog. The blog is really great, and thier flicker is really inpiring too. So here is the Link to thier home page.

Now on to real flowers, I love flowers, but not in the traditional sense.I am not a fan of roses and if there is something I don't like at all it is babies breath. I actually think I like roses, but I see them so much with babies breath that it makes me want to stay away from them. I have a friend who had surgery yesterday and I wanted to send her flowers, so I went to and while they are all too expensive for me to send, I fell in love with like 20 of the boquets. They are art! They truly are. So I decided to post the photos of my favorites, and I have been inspired to make my own boquet for my friend, (Target always has really great flowers) and I will post pictures of what I come up with as soon as I do it and take photos.


omamarge said...

I check your blog every day!
I check Ray's, Kristie's, Alicia's, and yours.
There is a link for Alicia's on Krisite's.
I just watched a new show called'whatever, Martha'. Its a scream! Martha Stewarts daughter makes fun of her old shows, Im still laughing.
Alica found a swimsuit store called buttcheecks in Singapore.
Check out her blog.
I like the flowers too Sarah but I hate to tell you, those are just flowers in whatever container you can find. Thats how we do it out here in the country.
love ya

Raymond said...

You're part of my morning "paper" every day. Love to see what's going on. Better than TV. Thanks,


Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

I love reading your blog! I was so sad when it was so long between your posts. I am glad that you post more often now. And I am loving the flowers!

Anonymous said...

This is seavers. I read your blog everyday. Mine is


Kristie said...

I look at your blog every time I see it has been updated. I love the creative inspirations you give and the way you engage audience participation. Thank you for sharing your busy life with us all, it seems like a blast! You have my blog info, sorry I don't update as often. My online classes are absorbing all my time and sucking the life out of me;)

krista said...

i love it now that you write more often. :) and i'm glad you're feeling better!! as for flowers... i also have a severe dislike for babysbreath and my fave will always be the dandelion. i LOVED that my roommate in indiana worked for a flower shop because we always had a fresh supply in our apt! i miss that! love you and i miss your face.

Tramfrau said...

I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your life across the state. Grandma likes hearing about you as well. Aside from family blogs, my favorite blogs are "It's Lovely, I'll Take It!" linked from Kristie's site, and Both of those give me a hearty laugh every day! Love, Auntie Linda

Joanna said...

Sarah, I absolutely love keeping up with your blog. I check it out frequently. I enjoy seeing the life of another crafty youth minister and how you serve the Lord beside your hubby! I laughed out loud with my husband when I read him your post about how your students play pranks on you. We live in a parsonage right next to our church so...need I say more? Ha! :)
Hey- which NYWC are you going to this year? We are going to the one in Nashville.
Anyway, happy you are feeling well again. Hugs, Joanna

Anonymous said...


I read your blog. I'm a religious blog reader even though I don't blog myself. Hope all is well with you and Andrew!

-Lyndsey Fro

Melissa G said...

Yours is on my list to check each week, Sarah! I enjoy all of your creative ideas, and keeping up with you and the family! Thanks for being the awesome blogger you are!!! :)