Monday, October 13, 2008

Making people aware.

I told you that I would post again about last night. We hosted Amber and Vernon Burger at our youth group to talk about His Voice For Sudan. It was so wonderful. Vernon spoke to the students and shared the orphans stories with them, he brought together the fact that we can make a difference in the orphans lives, but through these stories and their impact on our lives, the orphans are actually changing our lives too. We are coming together across the ocean to be active in teaching each was really great! So, I came up with an idea to help make a few dollars for the orphanage. We have a family in our church who basically runs the softball tourneys of the mid-west, they do all the t-shirt designs and printing as well. So I got together with them, and had Amber send me some artwork they are using to promote His Voice. We decided to do screen printing on site and let the students decide where to print. So, we had 3 different transfers and shirts in green, yellow, blue and red. once we sold 30, we made cost, so then everything else goes straight to His here are mine and Andrew's. His is yellow, and he wore it and that is why it is wrinkled. The cool thing is that we have some left, and all the students wore them to school today, so people started talking, so now we have people who are calling to get their hands on the I thought I would see if any of you would like to purchase them. We have them in S, M and L and in Green, Blue, Yellow or Red. They are $20 and all but shipping goes straight to His Voice for Sudan. Just leave me a comment with the size and color and your e-mail address, I will e-mail you and then you can mail a check and a shirt will come your way.
There is also a company called We Were Naked that is doing the same sort of thing right now. Their shirt is very artsy so check them out too. These are such great Christmas gifts cause you are donating to such a great cause.
Note the links all over in this blog so that you can read more about His Voice For Sudan. (and there are links on the right side of my blog)
Are you into any sort of social justice...Of course I love Sudan and am passionate about this cause, what causes are you passionate about?


Anonymous said...

i am interested in a shirt....are the placement of the tree different on all of them? I like where the tree is placed on the yellow one...but i think I would like a blue one in large. my e-mail is what a great idea!

Lyndsey said...

So i'm LOVING the tee!!! gotta have one! let me know what all you need and i'll send a check your way. :D hope you're feeling better after your surgery. :D
-lyndsey wright