Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 6

So many people told me that on the road to recovery, day 3 and 4 were the worst, well my Doc told me that day 4-6 would be the worst...let me just chalk one up for the Doc. Oh my gosh Day 6 would have been better if you would have just knocked me out! Saturday and Sunday were officially awful. There was a point yesterday where I had tears in my eyes, ice pack on my throat, and heat packs on my hears...I looked AWESOME!!

I was sleeping through the night all weekend, so that was good, but I welcomed today in at 4:00 this morning. I started having "dreams" yesterday afternoon. Yesterday it was a horrible nightmare, but the one I woke up from this morning was more theological. I was in a room and everything was black and gray and I was sitting on a white chair and i couldn't move, talk or swallow. I knew that every time I swallowed, it would hurt, but it would get easier for the next time. (which is how I really feel) So I sat there in this chair debating with myself that even though it is something that is really hard to do and I will have negative repercussions (like my entire body being in shock), that in the end, i will be really happy that I decided to do it, so, In my dream, I move my neck around a little and tilt my head back and muster up all the saliva I can, and then I swallowed...which woke me up and gave me chills. I sat up slowly Indian style on my bed and lifted my 52oz mug to my lap and took a sip. I held the drink in my mouth until it was no longer cold, then i took another debilitating swallow...Then i forced myself out of bed to take some drugs! I was going to try to go to work today, but because I feel that every time I swallow I really am making a life changing decision...maybe I am not ready for the office. So I believe this will be my last full day off of work.

Let me just say thank you to your encouraging comments to my posts, they have been really fun to read, so I will actually be posting at least once more today with some goodies, but for now let me tell you what I was supposed to be doing this weekend.

Andrew and I had concert tickets this weekend. The first on was on Friday night, for Andy Davis and Matt Wertz. It was at William Jewell college (my next door neighbor). Matt Wertz grew up here in Liberty and we are friends with his sisters from college, and we have been waiting for him to come to Liberty to play a show since we moved here! Even my mom was encouraging about the fact that "maybe you will feel good enough to go." But I ended up giving my ticket away and hanging out on the couch...It was a good choice, as I felt like crap, but I was really sad.

The second was on Saturday night, Andrew and I were given free tickets, (Really good seats) to see Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Robert Randolf and the Family Band, and Third day(which I don't really love..but anyway). It was a huge habitat for humanity concert. Anyway, I was pretty pumped about that, but after the way Saturday started, I knew that was a "no go" before I brushed my teeth that morning...But, Andrew took Matt, so that meant that Jodi and John came up to be with me and give my mom a night off. Jodi was basically my babysitter. We watched Baby Momma, which is so funny, and then she got me water and I slept! When the boys got home she told Andrew that she was happy that John and I were on different schedules! It is good to have friends like that.

Moving on to Sunday and to wrap up a killer long post. I woke up a WRECK! I hadn't planned on going to Church in the AM, but it is my job to be there on Sunday night. I had two of my dearest friends, Amber and Vernon Burger, in town and we were doing a huge night about His Voice for Sudan, which I had been planning for about 2 I was "out of commission" (my words for drugged beyond belief) till about 4:00pm and then I started to move around. I went and was able to even tell my Africa story, which probably wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done, but, I made it and it went well and all it cost me was a little bit of health...anyway, I will actually post more about that later, cause I have something cool to show you.

So I woke up at 4:00am, have already read and did my work e-mail and written this extremely long post. So it has already been a successful day! Now, to just figure out how to swallow? What did you do this weekend??


Tramfrau said...

I feel so badly for you! I asked Sam if he had any advice for you and he laughed and said he took so much pain medicine that he doesn't really remember most of it. So there you go - keep taking the drugs! Are the leaves on your trees changing alot there? We're really starting to get some beautiful color here. I hate fall because it means winter is coming, but I do enjoy the spectacular show we get just before the misery hits!

LaTisha said...

I absolutely love reading your posts! I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well... I totally know where you are. I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Dec. 21 (a day after my birthday) so you can imagine how I was feeling on CHRISTMAS!!!! It's a day I won't ever forget. I had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday (Sunday) I found out my sister (who is a travel nurse) get's to live with Karnell and I for 3 months because her assignment is at St. John's! So she came into town yesterday. I was super pumped! Get to feeling better Sarah... love ya!