Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Energy employed

It seem like I always have these "really great ideas" and then I let them slide. The main reason is that I have no really great space to work on my "great ideas" and by the time get my stuff out, I am exhausted, and I am almost out of time.

This is my workspace, and it is new! the bench on the Left is the place where I hide all of my supplies, so when I get them all out and lay them out, it is pretty much amazing that they all fit into that secret little hiding spot. Well I had this one Scrap Book page that I did that I thought Margie and Linda would like, and I forgot I had done it, but then my mom saw it yesterday and we decided that I should post it. I took the photos really late last night, so the light isn't exactly desirable, but you should be able to get the idea.

So, anyway, "great ideas". My mom and I were chatting about music. My mom is a self-proclaimed music hater, but she loves good worship. So, she was telling me that there were some songs from Bigsuf (church camp that mom helped sponsor) that she loved and she even remembered the words. So I told her I would put together some CD's. As I was grabbing the blank CD's, I realized I had no CD cases...which led to my brilliance. I thought, "I will just make a cd case. So once I had the ultimate list of songs, which include selections from Shane and Shane, Waterdeep, steve Fee, Leeland, Starfield, Hillsong United, Bigstuf Hope CD, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and Derek Webb to name a few, I realized I had like 57 songs. So I named the collection, The "Not Your Mama's Worship Mix" mix. And here are the images of what I made. (if I made it again, I would make some changes, but its not so bad for off the cuff! I used all Love, Elsie stuff, Which is my friend Elsie's line. (which will be discontinued before long) and lots of felt and thread!

What are some Ideas that you have that you haven't Employed yet?


Tramfrau said...

I forgot all about Monchichis!!! They're so CUTE! You are such a crafty thing - the cd case is absolutely the best. I'd like to hear what music your Mom actually likes. I hope you're feeling better now. By the way, Sam got his driver's license yesterday - watch out!!!!

katie mae said...

wow. i am quite impressed with this cd case...just the other day i needed a cd case but decided i'd wait until walmart. this one is so much more fun and creative and cute than the plastic one from walmart.

you're fun. i hope you're feeling better. miss you.

katie mae

omamarge said...

I love all your stuff! The scrapbook page is so much fun!
Im happy because you sound happy doing all the crafty stuff.
love you lots!