Tuesday, October 7, 2008

perk of the youth ministry

Since the last post was ridiculously long and all about me I will give you a minor update. hiccups like crazy, choking on my swolen throat when I try to nap and I can't swallow unless I have something liquid in my mouth, BUT I actually don't feel too bad.
Now onto my fun post. One of the perks of youth ministry is coming home from work and seeing that students have been our house playing jokes on us. We had these 2 students, Taylor and Ben, Ben who is a senior this year and Taylor was a senior last year, who were pretty much a constant in the spring. We would get home from work late Sunday night and we would have things chained to a tree in our front yard, or all the furniture and plants on our side porch would be switched with the stuff on our front porch. we kept telling them that we would get them back, but we just kept waiting...anyway, one night they walked into youth together and I just new that they were definitley up to no good. we get home to find our yard like this.

It was pretty brilliant, and I laughed even harder when I heard that they were wearing Hasmat suits when they did it! I couldn't bringmyself to tear it down that night, becasue I really wanted to take photos of it, so when we came hope for lunch the next day, our mail man was walking down the street to his car, and we hadn't gotten any mail. When I stopped him, he said he thought we really were infested with esbestos, so he didn't cross the caution tape, which happened to be wrapped around the ENTIRE house. It really was funny.

So to get them back we waited until Taylors last day of school. we got his thier car keys and moved thier cars from school to each others houses. So Ben's was at Taylor's and Taylor's was at Ben's. We waited in the parking lot to make sure that they could get rides, and we wrote on thier parking stalls "Since it is your last day of school, we thought we would do something nice for you, and take your car home! you're welcome!" It was pretty funny!!

One other thing that they did was one of the many snowy days this past winter they brought an old dryer(clothes) and set it infront of our stars to get onto our porch, then proceeded to shovel the sidewalk, and build a snowman on the porch. Thanks for shoveling!!!


Jenn said...

haha. you had told me the story of the caution tape but the pictures make it even better! :)

omamarge said...

Now THAT is funny!

Tramfrau said...

I love it!! I don't know if you remember our old youth group who went out and "found" hundreds of pumpkins and put them in our yard right before Halloween. Two times!! Those practical jokes are just the best. You must be greatly loved!

Sarah said...

Oh yeah I remember the great pumpkin patch!! That was so awesome. Paul and I both thought that charlie brown was real and in your front yard!!