Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Friend Ben

The students at our church always say that Andrew and I know SOOO MANY PEOPLE. We do know alot of people who do a lot of extraordinary things. We believe that we just surround ourselves with passionate people and we invest our lives in our friends so that no matter where we all live, we are still close and in touch with each other. Today I am bragging on our friend Ben. This is Ben Cox and he is a favorite. He and Andrew met one day at River Bluff (our old church in Springfield) because they were wearing almost the same outfit. Andrew and I were leading the college ministry there and Ben just happend to be in college. He got invloved with us and then...duh du du! he introduced us to LOST and we watched the first 2 seasons together. Well, we moved to Liberty and Ben moved to LA to go to school at Chapman for directing. Here is a snipbit of an e-mail he sent a few weeks ago.

"I was a finalist in a contest. Basically I sent in my film that had Grant in it, and they selected me to be one of 9 people to direct a commercial/trailer for a teen book. So I got the book in, and it was the girliest teen book I've ever seen. I read through the 350 pages and wrote up a quick script. Then I got a crew together and filmed it. They gave us a nice budget , so I was able to get some decent equipment/locations. Then I sent all the footage to Doug, and he did my visual effects. We sent in the videos and I'm a finalist! Which means my commercial automatically represents my book, and the 2 other books are what I'm competing against now. The winner gets $1000. Plus, they are flying me out to New York for this screening of all the videos. So that's pretty nice. I might go a few days early just to see New York."

So he went and he won!! YEAH FOR BEN!!! This is such a great stepping stone for your carreer!
We love you Ben...We are so proud of you!
OHHH, I have to brag on Doug too. This is Doug Johnston and he did all the digital effects of the video! YEAH FOR YOU TO!!!
We really are proud!


LaTisha said...

I know Doug, but I don't know Ben.. but congrats to them both! It's amazing where life will take you after college. We were poor college students, now we are "SOMEBOBIES"!!! Love ya Sarah!

Anonymous said...

hey girl jsut wanted to let you know I really enjoy checking out your latest blog and how God is moving in your life. Keep it up. Jason and I have one if you ever want to check it out
Amy Welker

Tramfrau said...

Give Ben a big congratulations from us - what a huge door opening for him!

krista said...

that video was great!!