Thursday, April 12, 2012

1 year ago today

One year ago today our lives changed. We said goodbye and also said hello.
(Note - all of the photos were taken on the iPhone and may not be of highest quality!)
We woke up incredibly early and were met at Starbucks by these amazing people.

I have since lost this, my favorite, sweatshirt.

We hit the road. Andrew in front with his Momma, Anne.
And me trailing in the Infinity with Katie Loew.

And we became Texans

We were greeted by Gepper...who still hangs out on our porch.

we broke into the "forbidden" wine...we had been saving from Italy.

We still don't take for granted the beauty of our new neighborhood.

And here it is...Dallas, TX. 
It is hard to believe that a year ago we moved to Dallas, TX. It has seriously been one unbelievable year. The changes have been more than are countable. The lifestyle difference is night and day. I would never say things are better here than in Liberty, MO. But, I will say that the Lord is Good and Faithful and has taught us the joy of living in obedience.

Some of the biggest changes have been:
Our schedule - which is actually manageable.
We hang out with friends a lot more here - due to schedule.
Our living style - smaller and simpler.
We are far away from our family.
Andrew is in school.
Our jobs are very different and also very wonderful. (not in a better way, just in a different way)
We are having a baby!

things that are the same:
Andrew and I love each other more than ever.
Of course, the Lord is just soooo Good always.
We work with Students and love it.
our car! haha.
We are active in our church.

*UPDATE - I was just tweeted by Katie Loew, she reminded me that also on this day, we officially closed on our house and andrew got his acceptance call into seminary! What a year!

It is just really hard to believe that it has been a year. I really do think that it is so much fun to follow the Lord where He leads. The mystery of the future can be a little overwhelming...but as we sang on Sunday morning...

"We can face uncertain days because he lives!"

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