Monday, April 9, 2012

Those lips

Well, I am not one to post a whole lot about the baby, but I felt like it was time for a little update.

I am pregnant. I feel like my belly button is going to rip open...I have 10 weeks and 3 days to go until the due date. The baby is kicking ALL THE TIME. It loves time with Jesus...which is hopeful for people who work in ministry. Any time there is a sermon, if I am reading my Bible, during our Bible Study, when Andrew and I pray together, or even when we are having a theological conversation, baby gets to moving and not just a little. It has been this way for about 10 weeks and has not slowed down.

I am still feeling great, aside from being sleepy.

So, we had an appointment this morning with our doc. (if you didn't know, we have to/get to do sonograms every month). The doc said that everything was PERFECT! YAY!

As you may know, getting a good shot shot of the baby as it gets bigger is a little more difficult, so these are some rough, yet wonderful, pics!

Here is a foot!

This is a profile shot, you can see the big ole lips on this baby! 
if you look closely you will se a squished face of a baby...awesome.

This is my favorite. This is what I like to call the "nose on the glass" pose.
THis is the nose and the top lip!
We seriously can't get over those lips! 

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