Saturday, April 28, 2012

A simple project

Andrew and I are of the mindset that when folks come to stay with us we should provide a box fan. The box fan is good for two things; 1. Air Circulation, 2. White Noise. 

In our new "guest room/baby room" we have been decorating and getting things ready. Our old white box fan was dusty and disgusting! I got this ingenious (if I do say so myself) idea to clean it and make it match the room. SOOOOO.

I got my screwdriver and these two cans of paint.

I used the glossy color for an extra fun pop.

I took the fan apart and once I had the front and back grates off, I knew I had to do more intense cleaning. I took those bad boys to the tub and scrubbed with a brush to get all that dust off. Then I worked over the inside parts of the fan with paper towels and fantastic. 
I took off the feet, the handle and the knob and set aside. 

I had intended to paint the grates, but once I had the pieces separated and cleaned, I decided to leave the grates white, paint the metal tan and all the moving parts and accents the glossy teal. 
Handles and knobs...and the tan metal frame.

Once the parts had dried, I put it back together and I now have the "cutest box fan ever". (self proclaimed).

Finished product!

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