Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Abruptly Awake

Oh my goodness, friends. 
Last night I was Abruptly awoken at 1:30am, I ended up falling asleep just 5 minutes later laughing so hard that I wasn't sure if I would be able to fall asleep!

I have weird dreams a lot. Andrew does not. He doesn't really get how I my dreams are so vivid. Well, last night was a different story. 

See this art? It is really light, and hung on a nail right by our bed (obviously).

So this is the story. 
I am sound asleep. I hear "OW!" or an "OH" or an "AH!" (but I interpreted it as "OW!")
I am awake and sitting up in 0.2 seconds. I look aver and Andrew is reaching up and pulling the painting off the wall with one hand. 
"Andrew, are you okay"
"Ehhhh!" followed by a distressed sound
"Andrew? What are you doing?"
At this point he gets the painting off the wall and begins smacking (banging) it on the ground by his bed. (I am cracking up typing this!)
I ask "Andrew, what is it" in my mind he had a bug or a rat on him (which we have never seen in our apt) and his best option was to brush it to the floor, pull the painting off the wall and try to smash it.
"What are you doing?"
"I can't get it because of the wood!" (in a really small whiney voice I have never heard him use)
"the wood on the painting?"
"no the wood on the trim, I can't get the painting against the wall"
"It's fine, Just lean it - Why did you take the painting off the wall?"
"uhhh" and other weird sounds.
at this point I am starting to laugh.
"Do you not like that painting"
Silence. He gets comfortable with his head on the pillow again.
"Why did you take that painting off the wall?"
then the that same weird voice..."You told me to in my dream"
"Well, thank you." I say while I am laughing soooo hard.
I took this opportunity to get up and go to the bathroom and came back to bed laughing so hard. I cannot explain how funny this was! I was crying I was laughing so hard. I think it embarrassed him, and he cannot remember the dream this morning...But I am still laughing, and I got his permission to tell the story.

Man, I love him. 


Katie Loew said...

You say you were crying you were laughing so hard as if that is not a normal occurance... :)

But this is a really funny story. I almost randomly laughed in the middle of subbing.

Sarah Beard said...

Katie...I was not laughing at myself though...that is different.