Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watch it Wednesday:: Flying Trucks.

Yesterday, as you may have heard there were 12 tornadoes in our area. I was sitting on the computer doing some work when the sirens went off.
Andrew was at a lunch with his staff for some birthday celebrations, and we have talked about how we would go to the church basement if a tornado warning happened.

So here is the text convo
A:  1:29 - Is there a tornado warning?
S: I think so. I will turn on the news. Should I go to church
A: Maybe if it looks bad, what does the news say?

I tried to call him now, but the phone service was down...but texts went through.

S: Where are you, there are tornadoes in the metroplex...the sirens just turned off...(I see a live video of a tornado) There is a tornado moving across 20 south of Dallas.
A: We are driving back right now.
S: Should you pick me up?
A: hmm


S: There are 18 wheelers getting thrown up in the air on the news...Holy Crap!
A: We are picking you up now.

Then he did and we spent the next 2 and a half hours in the church basement...It was a crazy day.

And seriously...when this video aired, I thought "this is stuff they don't even put in movies, because it is UNREAL!"

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