Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in review

Well, this weekend was super fun! It was packed with lots of fun things to do and we even had a fun event creep up on us. 
On friday night, we finally got together with some of our friends, Mark and Kari. Kari is an awesome photographer and a check out the linked blogs. We haven't hung out with them since January and we had so much fun. We went to a new restaurant called Chicken Scratch. It was an awesome atmosphere and good food. We ordered family style so we could try lots on the menu.

Photo by Kari. Taken on iPhone 
Then we ended up hanging out at our house till 12:30. I am doing a great job staying up late! 

On Wednesday of last week we found out that Saturday was Record Store Day. Not too much about that got me really excited until we found out that one of our all time favorite bands SWITCHFOOT was going to play a time slot in the afternoon! 
We got to Good Records really early and I was really hungry and the place was slammed with people, so we decided to take a short walk down to a mexican restaurant where I at the best Chicken Mole Ever. It was totally surprising how good it was, the restaurant was Mextopia, and it was so fun to just sit on the patio in the sun with Andrew. 

We headed back down to Good Records, once we were there we learned that it was just going to be Jon and Drew from the band, but we were NOT disappointed. 
After they played we got to chat with them for a minute. 
The last time we saw them I was pregnant and didn't know, I found out the next day. So, I guess you could say that they were baby's first concert...I am sure baby likes them too - 
it moved a lot during their set. 

This was on Saturday at the record store. 
Good Records Decor.
Drew and Jon at Good Records 

Sunday was Senior recognition at HPUMC. It is crazy that we have been here for a year. Our first sunday in church (after Easter) at HP was Senior recognition last year. We honored our grads and we went to a lunch with all of them. It was a great afternoon. 
The Seniors and Youth Staff. Andrew is on the front row second from the left (the cute one).
After lunch we took a short nap and then met our youth choir at their end of the year party at a place called Top Golf. If you are from out of town and the weather is nice when you are here...and you like going to the driving range, we are totally taking you! 

We have some Groupons for movies that we needed to use, so while we were at Top Golf Andrew asked me if I wanted to go see a movie. 
OF COURSE. We went to see The Lucky One. It was pretty good, I wan't to read the book now and see how different they are. 

Anyway, the only thing we paid for all weekend was dinner on Friday and lunch on Sat...everything else was free! That is my kind of weekend! We are really trying to take advantage of all of our date opportunities because I think that will probably slow down a bit come June. 

I hope your weekend was equally great. 

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Amy said...

I love, love, love seeing you so happy with that baby in your belly. He (I'm still guessing it's a boy based on no scientific reasoning whatsoever) is going to be soooo lucky... and so musically ahead of his classmates.

Also, I read The Lucky One before seeing the movie. It's the first Nicholas Sparks book I've read. I felt like it followed the book about 30%. It's like the basic story idea and some details came from it, but then it said "screw you, Nic, we're doing our own thing!!". Okay, maybe not quite like that. But you know what I mean. Love you.