Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well, as most of you know, (and if you don't, just read this) I raise support for my job.
This is such a humbling thing to do. To count on others to support your family is very interesting. Its not like I am selling goods that the world is just dying to purchase...or am I?

I am not. Not with my full time job anyway.

As many of you know my brother, Josh Welker, is a phenomenal artist.  I say that and people are usually like, "cool". Then they see his work and are surprised at how great he is.
I have been talking with him and desiring to do some sort of collaboration for years. I finally found the perfect parings...and this leads me to the title of my post.

I have begun the process of combining my handiwork and Josh's art to create some items of clothing for the wee ones. I am hoping to have some pics of the nephews sporting their gear soon, but in the mean time, I will give you a look at a onesie at I have printed (I have other kids sizes too).

I am going to be either opening up an etsy or I will be doing some other sort of order taking soon. I want to have a little more inventory first.

This is one of those things that I feel like I can do with out it taking away from my full time job, but will help me offset my income. I would love to see Josh's work out there running around and for him to make a cut from the apparel as well. After all, it is his art, and it is all original!

If you have any ideas of things you would like to see or colors you think I should try...Let me know.


Tramfrau said...

No adult t-shirts? I want one!

Kelly said...

So cool! You'll love Etsy. I have a baby/kids shop there and it is great :) good luck, friend!!

Sarah said...

Oh I can do adult shirts too! I wanted to see if there was a demand for that first!