Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines date and watch it Wed.

This Valentines day the 3 of us went out!

I guess this is how I really look

But let me be honest, this is totally how I feel!

So for Valentines day, we went on a lovely date on Gift Certificates. We ate dinner at Terilli's and then went to Studio Movie Grill for dessert. I think we spent $10.00 on a delicious dinner, a movie, and coffee and dessert. 
The movie we chose was "The Vow". I know that I cry a bit more than normal cause I am preggers, but this movie was out of control tear jerking. I cried for more than an hour of a two hour movie! 
I am not sure that it is one I will be able to sit through again.
The story is based on a real couple. They were on the Today Show on Feb 13th. Watching them was absolutely beautiful. They are clearly believers and I loved listening to them speak about marriage. 

I am making this my "Watch it Wednesday"- It is the Clip from the today show. Do yourself a favor and listen to them share their story...and if you want to see the Vow, you should, but let me warn you, I enjoyed the real story so much more than the movie one...It was too gut-wrenching! 
The today show wont let you post the video, but here is the link. 

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