Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best friends. Watch it Wednesday

I am not sure that I can explain the sheer joy that floods my heart when I get video like this. This is Fred. Andrew and I LOVE our nephews so much. How can you not? Have you seen them?

So I got this video from Josh, my brother, last week. I was sitting in Starbucks waiting for one of my students to meet up. I watched it and just started crying. I mean, how sweet is it that he knows how much we love him and he lives 17 hours away.

I asked earlier, "have you seen them?". Just in case you are a new reader...This is what you have been missing.
Charlie got some nutella for Christmas

Fred and Uncle Andrew jammin on Christmas eve.

Sneaky Fred

Charlie - All Smiles!

I love this little face! 

Usually when we say smile, he puffs up his cheeks...this caught him off guard! 

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