Friday, February 3, 2012

Body movin'

Last night we went to Bible Study. Andrew and I lead few songs of worship before we dig into the Word. I had only felt the baby move like 4 times.  Last night we finished our songs and sat down and as the Word started to be taught, the baby went nuts. I felt it move a lot. Afterwards we went to a friends house and sat around for a while. We got home late and when we were lying in bed, I felt it again; Just moving like crazy. I told andrew and so he reached over and set his hand on my stomach. It wasn't 5 seconds and I felt it. Just as I did, sweet Andrew gasped and his face had the most precious expression. The babe put on a little show for daddy and allowed him to feel the movement about 4 more times before it stopped moving. It was a really magical moment and I am not sure I will ever forget the look on Andrews face. Just absolute awe, wonder, excitement and surprise...and relief.

Man, kid. We sure do love you a lot!

In other news, I am getting really bored with drinking so much water. I am trying to find things to supplement. Lemonade gets to sweet...and I am not a fan of really sweet (these days). I love carbonation, but also getting tired of flavored water. So, my go to drink this week has been awesome.
a squeeze from a lime, a squeeze from a lemon and a little bit of Agave nectar for just a little bit of natural sweet. Fill with ice, add water and viola!

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